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New Member

Name: Amanda Abella
Age: 21
What is the fourth rule on the rules list on the info page?Put rule number four into your new member survey to prove you read the rules. :D

How long have you been journaling? years
What's your favorite part of journaling? What are your favorite things to put in a journal? Favorite part is the cathartic feeling of having put your feelings on paper. I'm very visual with my journals so I have a lot of paintings, drawings, and collages.
Do you have any journaling influences? Where do you look/What do you do for inspiration? Experiences in my life. Paying attention to detail.
Post a picture (or a few) of your favorite journal page(s):

Only three for now. Much more at my BLOG

Give one suggestion for a weekly theme or community game: contemporary art or seeing how creative you can get with a pear.
OPTIONAL - Post a picture of yourself:

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