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jrnl_playground's Journal

Fun & Games with Journaling!
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ABOUT:; Jrnl_playground is an sort of sect of the massive journaling community, jr__nal. Because jr__nal is so big (it has thousands of members!), it's hard to organize group games/themes, or get to know fellow journalings. Thus, this offshoot was born. jrnl_playground features all of the things that jr__nal can't: weekly theme posts, group games, get to know you surveys, and more! It's community oriented and all about the fun side of journaling.

RULES:; Please read carefully before joinging.
1. Please put all new member surveys under an jj-cut.
2. If you are posting more than one image, put the ones besides the first into an lj-cut.
3. Please be considerate of others opinions and feelings. You can disagree all you want, but please don't be a rude bitch.
4. Put rule number four into your new member survey to prove you read the rules. :D
5. Nudity/etc isn't banned. Expressive yourself however you want. But don't abuse it.
6. Respect your mods. Respect any rules which may be added at a later date.

JOINING:; Membership is open to all members of jr__nal. Upon joining, please make this survery your first entry (under an lj-cut, of course):

What is the fourth rule on the rules list on the info page?
How long have you been journaling?
What's your favorite part of journaling? What are your favorite things to put in a journal?
Do you have any journaling influences? Where do you look/What do you do for inspiration?
Post a picture (or a few) of your favorite journal page(s):
Give one suggestion for a weekly theme or community game:
OPTIONAL - Post a picture of yourself:

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